Sales Training Package

Sales Training Package

Sales Training only works when the message is retained. Our ToonUp animations, use humor to convey the message in a way that’s both fun and memorable. Employees will laugh and learn as the cartoons play and benefit from the training tips provided at the end of the animation.

The Sales Training Package includes:

30 Animated Toons with Posters

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Sales Presentations Suite

The Sales Presentation Training Suite includes 4 sales training cartoons, called ToonUps, that demonstrate selling tips and sales presentation skills in a way that is educational, engaging and entertaining.

The sales presentation skills tips covered in the Sales Presentation Training Suite teach employees how to prepare for a presentation, tailor a presentation to your audience and keep presentations interesting. This section of the sales training course demonstrates the importance of polished sales presentations skills for delivery and execution.

ToonUps included:

Sales Tips Suite

The Sales Tips Suite includes 4 sales training cartoons, called ToonUps, which focus on providing valuable selling tips that can be used in online, in-person or phone training. Like all of our sales training courses, the Sales Tips Suite utilizes humor to present selling tips in a way that is memorable and enjoyable.

The selling tips covered in the Sales Tips Suite show employees how to remain reachable and accessible to customers, keep trying, find the best time to call and not to be deterred or distracted. These selling tips and lessons apply to online, in-person and phone training sessions for better employee sales performance.

ToonUps included:

Selling Skills Suite

The Sales Skills Training Suite includes 4 sales training cartoons, called ToonUps, which feature an engaging and entertaining approach to selling skills development and telephone training using humorous cartoons to capture employees attention and deliver lessons that stick.

The selling skills and tips outlined in the Sales Skills Training Suite take employees through each step of the sales process and highlights where and how to deal with obstacles. This suite teaches how to qualify customers, clearly break out benefits and features, overcome objections and, most importantly, close the sale.

ToonUps included:

Sales Habits Suite

The Sales Habits Training Suite includes 4 sales and contact center training cartoons, called ToonUps, which provide selling tips, tricks, hints and solutions for all areas of sales, from telemarketing skills tips to contact center training programs.

The sales training tips covered in the Sales Habits Suite demonstrate bad habits associated with selling, and how to correct them with online, in-person and telemarketing skills tips. Employees learn the dangers of letting gender or geographic bias get in the way of sales, as well as how to persist a sale without losing the customer and pace a call for optimal results.

ToonUps included:

Communication Skills Suite

The Communication Skills Suite includes 8 animations, called ToonUps, which address common issues typically covered in communication skills training.

The customer service tips presented in the Communications Skills Suite demonstrate the problems that can arise from poor communication, and the skills and solutions that can help. The cartoons in the module present customer service tips for better verbal communication with customers—tone, pitch, diction, clarity and word choice.

ToonUps included:

Quality Suite

The Quality Customer Service Suite includes 6 customer service cartoons, called ToonUps, which provide valuable lessons and tips for providing quality customer service when offering telephone and online customer services.

The cartoons included in the Quality Customer Service Suite show employees how to improve the quality of a customer’s phone or online customer service experience. The employee’s performance and importance are stressed in this segment of the customer service program, particularly the need to be responsible, attentive and involved. Goal and team-oriented behavior is also of the utmost importance to the Quality Suite.

ToonUps included: