What do all these customers have in common?

They’ve all discovered how effective humor can be in training, motivating, and communicating with their employees!


“I wish everyone had the attitude the animations have! There are so many times that I, as a manager, need to say something to someone and correct something, but it can difficult to communicate the message in a way that’s non-offensive, non-parental. These animations can help me deliver those messages with the positive spirit it is intended and is perfect for those situations!”

Johanna C.

Manager, GE Appliances

“ToonUps® allow me to communicate with individuals and groups in an efficient way. The creativity expressed in the cartoons brings a smile to the agents’ face while making the necessary impact. The time it saved on development of materials more than made up for the cost.”

Ron W.

Call Center Coach, NCS Pearson

“The quality of our communication skills training has definitely improved now that we have some fun, new animations from ToonUps to insert into our PowerPoint presentations. It is also very convenient to have the ability to post the animations on our department Intranet where the Associates can easily access them in between calls.”

Heather K.

Training and Quality Assurance Manager, Cabela's

“It is a great way to motivate employees. It is a handy tool to address performance issues in a non-confrontational way. And, it uses humor to get management points across.”

Laura T.

Manager of Training Systems, Kimberly-Clark

“I think it is a really easy system to use. It gives positive recognition and motivation to the employees.”

Kathy K.

Customer Service Manager, ICI Paints

“I’m very pleased with ToonUps [Customer Service Package]. It’s working well in my training department. Since purchasing the product, we have seen a change in the attitudes and morale of the center and the ability for the agents to understand things more clearly. They’re able to communicate with customers better and actually enjoy the training. They like ToonUps®. They like them a lot!”

Jude S.

Director, Netflix

“The animations help us as managers and trainers, reinforce such important basics inherent in customer handling everyday. The areas addressed in the cartoons make for fun and light hearted communication, yet the messages conveyed are key to ensuring customer satisfaction, which in our business is everything!”

Vickie C.

Customer Service Training Supervisor, Shaw Industries

“The ToonUps are so easy to use and the feedback has been terrific! Even a small test of a few ToonUp emails went such a long way to motivate our customer service staff, that we can’t wait to roll it out company wide!”

Graham R.

Associate Analyst, Entergy Services, Inc

“So many of ToonUps’ animations center on what the customer feels, which is so important. Each and every animation is used as a springboard to positively address broader issues specific to the Telecom environment. Our customer service reps love it and the 100% click view on our intranet site shows that none of them miss an animation!”

Todd R.

Customer Service Manager, GTC Telecom

“The animations give me a great starting point from which I can launch new customized training content. Focus groups and round table discussions following our training have shown us that our reps are responding very well to the ToonUps.”

Chuck P.

Call Center Manager, HomeSide Lending

“The animated images are fun and light hearted, yet our trainers are able to use them to get messages across to our trainees that are very important. The cartoons address a variety of customer service issues in a positive manner, and the best part is we can customize them to fit our fast paced call center environment. Employee feedback is very positive!”

Cindy O.

Training Director, Time Warner Cable

“Our call center employees really like receiving these email cartoons and have found them very timely. Some have asked if I’d been reading their minds since the emails seem to hit on just the right issue at the right time. I keep them coming is what I hear a lot. We do a lot of research to pull just the right ToonUps, add our customization and pull from our philosophy to drive home the best points. It’s hard to pick a favorite animation because I like them all! One of our general managers emailed me that he looks forward Fridays so they can see what the next animation will be! The feedback from every level has been just as positive.”

Susan A.

Training Manager, ADP

“Starting off our meetings with laughter breaks down barriers, puts everyone at ease, and opens up interaction, which is especially important with executives and managers. Our participants enjoyed it!”

Meloney S.

Employee Relations and Development Manager, Just Born, Inc.

“We were searching for something to add humor to our training classes to help set just the right tone. These cartoons were just the thing we needed to meet this objective! Our experience with these animations is excellent. Everyone loves them!”

Jennifer J.

HR Executive Assistant, LA Weight Loss

“The Claims processing and customer service areas of our organization are intense environments, where employees are following strict policies and procedures every day to meet the needs of our customers. The animations serve as an important communications tool that lightens the mood, allowing our employees to relieve a little stress through laughter, while also being reminded of key elements to their job success in an upbeat manner.”

“ToonUps also gives us a way to relay training messages in a way that does not take away from valued production time!”


Claims Processing and Customer Service, Aetna

“ToonUp animations allow us to streamline our online skills training for our agents. Agents can access the animations right at their desktop, taking in important training reminders while not losing precious production time.”

“Our agents manage online travel transactions for busy professionals, so it’s imperative that they remain sensitive to our customers’ travel needs, and that they are friendly and detailed oriented. The training tips delivered by ToonUps assist our agents in doing their jobs in the best way possible. Our agents tend to be more receptive to the training content delivered by ToonUps, and they continue to respond favorably and react quickly to the ideas and topics addressed by ToonUps.”

“Of course, among our favorite ToonUps is the pilot flying the airplane without a flight plan. The message effectively illustrates the need for good communication, which is key to customer satisfaction.”

Pam B.

Marketing Director, BCD Travel

“I love the ToonUps because they get the team talking, and give them our trainees “Ah ha” moments during educational forums, so everything makes sense. The ToonUps are a compliment t our training agenda and blends together so easily. In ToonUps we found a training product that is simple to use, yet gets so much done.”

Lisa F.

Director of Marketing and Client Services, Integrated QSG

“Absenteeism, Teamwork, and Adapting to Work Environment Changes are especially effective for the KIB break room, as employees can react together as a group while in a relaxed situation, acknowledging how humorously accurate the animations depict these common and important work place issues at KIB. This creates a comraderie among KIB employees, that has a positive ripple effect once they are back on the job!”

Dana W.

Office Manager, KIB Enterprises

“ToonUps delivered via PowerPoint at the start of our customer service training put everyone in a good mood. Our representatives LOVE the cartoons, and they are a great vehicle for emphasizing what our employees already know about providing excellent customer service in a lighthearted way!”

Aike Z.

Human Resources Manager, OMSNIC

“Through a combined use of daily emails and weekly training classes, ToonUp animations help BRIGHTEN THE DAY of our customer service employees, while at the same time, TEACHING key lessons. Brightening their day brightens ours as managers, too Happy employees are productive employees!”

“Our agents spend their time on the phone managing various customer-related activities. One call may require updating a customer’s home owner’s insurance information, another call may require a claim, and yet another may be answering product and service-related questions. ToonUp animations help tie the key components together, ensuring that every call keeps in mind the customer’s needs, no matter what the task.”

Rebecca D.

Director of Call Center Operations, Assurant Specialty Property

“ToonUps are a great morale booster for both senior staff and customer service reps alike, adding excitement, laughter, and encouragement to our team. Our Senior Staff and Support Staff enjoy discussing the ToonUp Tips in meetings, and find them a motivational and positive way to help us address many training issues, and resolve delivery issues.”

LaZonja S.

Human Resources Representative, US Foods - Detroit

“ToonUps have greatly enhanced our ability for problem recognition in the areas of customer service and most importantly, solution identification. The brevity and uniqueness of this medium is so positive that it can’t help but allow us to address problem areas in way that is received by our staff in a positive way, and is also memorable so the issues are more likely to be resolved!”

“We have found that showing new Toonup animations at weekly staff meetings with management to address new training problem areas to solve has been an unexpected, but very helpful way of employing our ToonUps! We always knew that they would be an important communication tool for our Customer service reps, but getting managers involved by using them in staff meetings has increased awareness of these issues, and gets managers more involved in helping to solve them!”

Rita L.

Human Resources Manager, Raleigh Orthopedic Clinic