Office Professionalism Package

Office Professionalism Package

Creating a more professional work environment used to mean boring lectures and chastising memos. Not so with our employee training and development program on office professionalism. The animated etiquette training cartoons, called ToonUps, are informative and funny, which helps employees get the most out of each training session.

Electronic Office Suite

The Electronic Office Suite includes 4 electronic communications training cartoons, called ToonUps, specifically geared towards equipment use. The Electronic Office Suite takes a fun, entertaining approach to the proper use and care of office equipment.

The equipment and employee communications training issues covered in the Electronic Office Suite teach employees the proper ways to use computers, from both the exterior care perspective and proper office use. Employees will learn how to handle and care for electronic hardware and equipment, use passwords to safeguard their work and follow proper protocol for computer use to ensure safety of the network.

ToonUps included:

Email Etiquette Suite

The Email Etiquette Suite uses humor to address workplace email etiquette issues in a fun, innovative cartoon format. This office email etiquette training is entertaining and engaging, not bland and boring, so employees remember the lessons covered long after the training is over.

The Email Etiquette Suite covers the workplace email etiquette issues most frequently encountered by office professionals. This office email etiquette training session will show employees the proper use, and common abuse, of email. Topics covered include: time management and email overuse; using good judgment when sending email; staying on top of your inbox and thinking before sending.

ToonUps included:

Office Distractions Suite

The Office Distractions Suite presents office etiquette, noise distractions and workplace courtesy in a humorous way that raises employee awareness without getting preachy. These animations illustrate the pitfalls of noise, loud music, and other distractions and provide tips toward creating a more positive work environment.

The Office Distractions Suite teaches employees proper cube etiquette, and how to be mindful of coworkers. This suite addresses office etiquette noise distractions: annoying computer sound effects, loud music and overly chatty coworkers. All 5 animations show the negative effect bad office cube etiquette can have on productivity.

ToonUps included:

Office Environment Suite

The Office Environment Suite includes 5 cartoons, called ToonUps, which address potentially sensitive issues relating to courtesy in the workplace. These topics are covered in a way that employees can relate to, remember and enjoy without feeling admonished.

The Office Environment Suite covers workplace issues many office professionals deal with on a daily basis. The Office Environment Suite teaches employees how to respect their coworkers by displaying courtesy in the workplace by respecting others’ property, following safety protocol and practicing good personal hygiene.

ToonUps included:

Office Etiquette Suite

The Office Etiquette Suite teaches employees proper office etiquette protocol by demonstrating what not to do in a series of humorous cartoons. The animated Office Etiquette cartoons demonstrate proper behavior in a way that is memorable and enjoyable, so the office etiquette tips stick in employees’ minds long after the training session is over.

The Office Etiquette Suite teaches employees office etiquette protocol for appropriate behavior and workflow. Topics covered include: dress code, idea acceptance, collaboration, giving informative instructions, integrity and proper office etiquette for phone messages.

ToonUps included:

Organization Suite

The Organization Suite includes 4 organizational leadership training cartoons, called ToonUps, which put a new spin on traditional organizational training techniques by using the power of humor to make lessons “stick” in employees’ minds.

This organizational leadership training course provides time management tips and advice for creating a more productive and effective workday. This suite uses new organizational leadership techniques to teach workspace organization, preparation skills, time management and planning skills and effective scheduling.

ToonUps included:

Planning Suite

The Planning Suite includes 4 planning and project management training cartoons, called ToonUps, which make planning and project management training more useful, fun and effective by utilizing humor to convey the message.

The planning and project management training tips provided by the Planning Suite cartoons show employees how to be more productive and efficient by planning for today, tomorrow, and the next day, staying on top of relevant tasks and setting goals and priorities.

ToonUps included:

Problem Solving Suite

The Problem Solving Suite includes 4 office problem solving cartoons, called ToonUps, which help employees work on strategic thinking and idea generation in a way that is constructive and cooperative to the whole office. Problem solving skills are taught using humor in a manner that is easy for employees to relate to, so the lessons are easier to remember and practice

The Problem Solving Suite covers workplace issues many professionals deal with regularly, in any type of office. Problem Solving training helps employees think outside the box, find solutions to problems, practice strategic thinking and work through problems effectively.

ToonUps included: