Human Resources Package

Human Resources Package

Human Resources training only works when employees understand and absorb the material presented. Our animated HR training cartoons, called ToonUps, use humor to address these sensitive issues in a way that won’t offend but will make them laugh.

The Human Resources Package includes:

32 Animated Toons + Posters

Change Suite

The Change Management Training Suite includes 7 HR cartoons, called ToonUps, which provide valuable advice and insight on common HR issues and provide a new approach to human resources strategy and development as it relates to change in a corporate environment.

The change management scenarios depicted in the Change Management Training Suite show employees the role our emotions play in the adaptation to change, what the benefits of change can be and how best to prepare for change in the workplace. This section of the human resources training course highlights the positive aspects of change and helps employees make smoother transitions to new policies.

ToonUps included:

Diversity Suite

The Diversity Training Suite includes 4 HR cartoons, called ToonUps, which demonstrate various human resources and diversity issues and situations. These animations form a unique type of diversity training that is entertaining and engaging, which helps it stick with employees once training is over.

The issues presented in this suite are designed to provide diversity training for supervisors and employees at any level. The cartoon diversity training programs included in this suite will help employees understand diversity and its advantages, overcome prejudice and include every employee in meetings and discussions.

ToonUps included:

Harassment Suite

The Harassment Suite offers a new take on harassment training for the workplace, using humor to educate employees about their rights and responsibilities at work. ToonUp Coach’s use of animation helps alleviate some of the strain and tension typically associated when covering a sensitive subject such as this.

The scenarios presented in this suite are appropriate harassment training for the workplace and for employees at any level. The cartoons included in this suite teach employees to stop and think before speaking or acting, how to evaluate other people’s perceptions and how to be sensitive to and considerate of fellow employees.

ToonUps included:

Meetings Suite

The Meetings Suite brings a little humor to a topic that is generally not considered fun or entertaining. By adding some laughter to the subject through the use of cartoons, the importance of meetings can be shown without putting employees to sleep. These entertaining animations teach valuable skills for getting the most out of meetings.

The training cartoons included in the Meetings Suite remind employees of the importance of meetings and better equip them to approach them seriously to get something out of their time. Topics covered include the importance of punctuality and preparation, benefits of attending meetings, how to manage meeting times and better note-taking practices.

ToonUps included:

Punctuality & Absenteeism Suite

The Punctuality & Absenteeism Training Suite includes 5 HR cartoons, called ToonUps, which address two issues rarely covered in typical training classes – punctuality and absenteeism at work. Because ToonUps can be sent via email or posted on a company intranet, these important topics can be addressed without costly training sessions.

The issues presented in this suite are designed to provide information about issues of punctuality and absenteeism at work. The Punctuality & Absenteeism cartoons demonstrate the importance of punctuality and the negative effects of absenteeism at work, to the employee as an individual and to the workplace as a whole.

ToonUps included:

Teamwork Suite

ToonUp Coach’s Teamwork Suite includes 7 teamwork skills cartoons, called ToonUps, which demonstrate effective teamwork skills with humorous training scenarios whose lessons stay with employees long after the training session is over.

The teamwork skills demonstrated in this suite can, and should, be taught in a variety of human resources seminars and formats. The teamwork skills cartoons included in this suite show the benefit of teams, teamwork and communication; how to get everyone involved and balance workloads; and the harmful effects of ineffective teamwork.

ToonUps included: