All Access Package

Looking for a Fun & Effective Training Alternative?

The All Access ToonUp Package includes a wide assortment of training animations, called ToonUps, which address dozens of training issues like Customer Service, Teamwork, Harassment, and Sales Techniques…but unlike many traditional training products which stop at just the “big training issues”…our animations also address day to day issues like Punctuality, Office Etiquette, Problem Solving, Dealing with Change and other issues not typically covered in training.

a man with light skin and short, light reddish-brown hair and closely trimmed facial hair, wearing a white button-down shirt, sits at a light wooden desk in a brightly lit office, with another multi-story office building faintly visible through the window, smiles as he watches a ToonUp full-screen on his computer monitor.

Customer Service

  • Call Handling
  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Care
  • Difficult Caller
  • Quality
  • Servicing the customer

Human Resources

  • Change
  • Diversity
  • Harassment
  • Punctuality & Absenteeism
  • Teamwork
  • Meetings

Sales Training

  • Sales Presentations
  • Sales Tips
  • Selling Skills
  • Sales Habits
  • Communication Skills
  • Quality

Office Professionalism

  • Electronic Office Suite
  • Email Etiquette Suite
  • Office Distractions Suite
  • Office Environment Suite
  • Office Etiquette Suite
  • Organization Suite
  • Planning Suite
  • Problem Solving Suite