Customer Service Package

Customer Service Package

Customer service training is most effective when employees are engaged, and the best way to encourage participation and retention is with customer service presentations that are anything but boring.

The Customer Service Package includes:

34 Animated Toons + Posters

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Call Handling Suite

The Call Handling Suite includes 6 call center cartoons, called ToonUps, which can be integrated into your call center customer service training program, or used in conjunction with other customer service training tools to deliver a comprehensive employee training program.

The call center cartoons presented in the Call Handling Suite address common customer frustrations with the way their calls are handled—being left on hold, ignored, shuffled to and from representatives and not having their issue resolved.

ToonUps included:

Communication Skills Suite

The Communication Skills Suite includes 8 animations, called ToonUps, which address common issues typically covered in communication skills training.

The customer service tips presented in the Communications Skills Suite demonstrate the problems that can arise from poor communication, and the skills and solutions that can help. The cartoons in the module present customer service tips for better verbal communication with customers—tone, pitch, diction, clarity and word choice.

ToonUps included:

Customer Care Suite

The Customer Care Suite includes 6 animated customer service videos, called ToonUps, focused on providing good customer service and relating to the customer’s experience. These cartoons remind us that we need to view Customer Care from the customer’s perspective.

The customer service scenarios within the Customer Care Suite show the customer’s perspective and strive to remind employees of the human aspect of their job. These animated customer service videos in this suite bring to light what good customer service means to the customer—and what can sometimes get in the way of that experience.

ToonUps included:

Difficult Caller Suite

The Difficult Caller Suite includes 4 customer service cartoons, called ToonUps, that deal exclusively with issues surrounding handling difficult customers.

The customer service cartoons included in the Difficult Caller Suite teach employees what can make a call more difficult, and how to work with a customer without adding to their frustrations. This section of the customer service training program shows how handling difficult customers correctly can make all the difference.

ToonUps included:

Quality Suite

The Quality Customer Service Suite includes 6 customer service cartoons, called ToonUps, which provide valuable lessons and tips for providing quality customer service when offering telephone and online customer services.

The cartoons included in the Quality Customer Service Suite show employees how to improve the quality of a customer’s phone or online customer service experience. The employee’s performance and importance are stressed in this segment of the customer service program, particularly the need to be responsible, attentive and involved. Goal and team-oriented behavior is also of the utmost importance to the Quality Suite.

ToonUps included:

Servicing the Customer Suite

The Servicing the Customer Suite includes 4 customer service skills training cartoons, called ToonUps, which show what it takes to provide truly effective customer service from the customer’s point of view. This suite uses a more service-oriented approach to customer service skills training by focusing on providing effective customer service through the customer’s eyes.

The customer service cartoons included in the Servicing the Customer Suite demonstrate what a difference an effective customer service call or request can make to a customer’s overall experience. Employees are reminded to follow through, accept responsibility, show respect, and, above all else, provide accurate information.

ToonUps included: