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Happiness and Music Rebecca Bains Sunshine. .. SO true<3 // Caribbean Sun Tan & Boutique.. Altoona, PA

Mother Teresa Quote- Inspirational quote jewelry- Glass Pendant- Key to Happiness Pendant

Happy Motivation Monday from All Volleyball! #wherethegamebegins #volleyballquotes #sportquotes

This is one of my favorite quotes. No matter what you're going through, "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." Plato

I've said this more times than I can count. To get out of your own sadness, put your focus on someone else and help them.

11 x 14 Inspirational Quote, Sunflower, Sunshine, beautiful canvas for only $20! Buy right here on RoseberryCanvas

Elementary School Choir's Cover Of Pharrell's 'Happy' Will Make Your Whole Week Better

Build your self-esteem one small step at a time. "10 Ways to Feel Positive and Confident" by Emily Roberts MA, LPC - "...8) Practice good posture 9) Give yourself credit for small, daily accomplishments 10) Get grateful"

How do you decorate your walls in A Better World? Share your own photo! #HomeDecor

Are you ready to go on an adventure? Play A Better World:

Always move forward!

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What are you looking forward to this month? #goals

Helen Keller-Even though she was deaf and blind, she learned to communicate and became a world-famous supporter of women's suffrage. #HelenKeller

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