Cause Gaming with Do-Good Gaming

ToonUps is taking the concept of Cause Marketing to a new level by introducing Cause Gaming®. Cause marketing has successfully combined for-profit corporations with not-for-profit social causes. These unique win-win partnerships have allowed causes to succeed and companies to flourish, all in the name of a greater good. Cause Gaming® amplifies this relationship using the dynamic power of digital games.

Cause Gaming® lets players support charitable causes while having fun. Cause Gaming® combines

  • the deeply imaginative and interactive power of digital games,
  • the world-changing passion of charitable organizations,
  • and the flexibility and adaptability of corporations.

Cause Gaming® draws on the core strengths of these powerful forces to make a profound difference in the world, with the goal of leaving it better than we found it.

Our Approach: Do-Good Gaming™
We create game dynamics that emphasize doing good in the real world: we incentivize our players to do things like express gratitude, support each other, and send love to each other. We call this approach "Do-Good Gaming"™ and it means we let our players participate in doing good at a deeper level. Our Do-Good dynamic let's the player do good on a local and global level and helps them to feel good as they do good. Our belief is that a Do-Good Gamer cares more about supporting causes, a Do-Good Gamer cares more about changing the world.

Our Mission: To Brighten the World
At ToonUps we create "uplifting games and apps to brighten the world." Since the turn of the century, ToonUps has created a rich array of products in the business, prosumer, and consumer marketplaces, all designed with the purpose of uplifting people through optimism, altruism, and fun.

We believe that everyone wants to do good. Inherent in every person is the desire to make the world a better place. But the world today is busy and complicated so we need to bring the causes to the people and make it fun and easy for them to help out.

Cause Gaming® is not only an innovation in games but it is also a revolution in business models. Essential to our corporate mission is the belief that companies can turn a profit while doing good. We want to unleash the power of capitalism on the needs of the world using the speed of startups and the transformational force of technology. As more companies demonstrate that they can make money by doing good, the more the marketplace will demand that businesses leave the world better than they found it.

Our Partners: World Changing Game-Changers
ToonUps looks for spry and savvy organizations to help us change the world. We're looking for partners that can have the maximum impact with the least amount of friction, who are willing to try something different if it means doing it smarter and better.